Vagisil OMV!

Recently, the well-known product, Vagisil marketed a new product line
called OMV!. OMV! is a line of scented wipes, washes, and creams geared
towards teens with the punchline, “You should feel comfortable in your own
body.” Their marketing tactic makes it seem as if we need these products
to keep our vaginal hygiene in check, implies that we are supposed to smell
or not smell a certain way, and that periods are dirty. They are setting us
up for a false sense of normalcy, especially in a world where we all seem
to already be constantly competing with one another. In fact, that part of
our body thrives best when left alone, and in most cases, our pH will
correct itself without the help of any product.

Some great OBGYN’s have pointed out that “just because something is safe,
doesn’t mean it is necessary,” and when researching these products note
that they state, “gynecologist-tested” and not “gynecologist-approved.”

If there is ever a concern about your vaginal hygiene, please consult your

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