Minimally Invasive Procedures

Surgical procedures can themselves become a source of stress. This on top of the ailment or condition they aim to address. The good news is that your local experts of Capital Women's Care Division 66, employing the latest technology, are able to offer minimally invasive gynecologic surgical procedures. These replace the traditional open surgery methods for a variety of conditions, but with many benefits over the standard practice. With offices in Bowie, Greenbelt, and North Bethesda, MD, these professionals are within reach to answer any questions you might have regarding minimally invasive procedures.

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Procedures

In contrast, to open surgery alternatives, your doctor doesn't need to make as large of an opening to operate. Instead, using a sophisticated tool known as a laparoscope, through a small opening they can perform the same task. This usually results in less pain after the procedure, often in less downtime as well, and the scarring will be comparably minimal. Because of the precision involved with these robotics-assisted surgeries, they can often be much more consistently accurate. The types of available treatments can include hysterectomy, the removal of ovarian cysts, and fibroids, among others. You can reach out to your local office for more information.

Laparoscopy Procedure in Bowie, Greenbelt, and North Bethesda, MD

Although the procedure is minimally invasive, it will typically still require you to be under general anesthesia throughout. But you will often be able to go home on the same day of the treatment.

After some preparations, your surgeon will begin by making a very small incision through which they will insert the laparoscope. This device is equipped with a camera so your doctor has a very clear view of what's happening as they work. From here the actual details of the operation will vary depending on the type of surgery you're undergoing.

For more questions about available minimally invasive gynecologic surgery procedures and what you can expect before, during, and after, you can contact Capital Women's Care Division 66. Dial (301) 249-4090 to schedule a consultation with your nearest office in Bowie, Greenbelt, and North Bethesda, MD.

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