Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

We’re offering up ways for mommas to feel and look their best throughout their pregnancy.

Here in Bowie, Greenbelt, or North Bethesda, MD, the OBGYNs at Capital Women's Care Division 66 have been helping women improve their health throughout their pregnancy, as well as before pregnancy and after delivery. There is a ton of information out there when it comes to how to maintain optimal health during pregnancy. Here are some quick and easy tips that can improve and enhance your health while pregnant.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Your body must be getting all the nutrients and vitamins it needs for both you and your unborn baby. Load up on lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as lean sources of protein and whole grains. It’s also important that you know which foods to avoid during your pregnancy including deli meats, raw meats (including sushi), unpasteurized milk and juices, and soft cheeses.

Make Sure You're Getting Enough Calories

It’s important to maintain a healthy weight throughout your pregnancy. Of course, when they say that “you’re eating for two” this simply means adding about 300 more calories a day. This translates to about 1,800 calories in the first trimester, about 2,200 calories in the second trimester, and 2,400 calories in the third trimester. If morning sickness is making it challenging for you to get the proper number of calories you must talk to your North Bethesda, MD, OBGYNs as soon as possible.

Prioritize Sleep

Sleep is incredibly important, especially when you’re pregnant. We know that you’re going to be feeling a lot more tired these days. Make sure that you are getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night; however, if you need to rest or take a nap during the day it’s important to listen to your body. You may need more sleep than the standard 7-8 hours a night. If you’re experiencing sleep issues during pregnancy be sure to mention this during your upcoming prenatal checkup.

Take a Prenatal Vitamin

While nothing is more important than eating a nutrient-dense diet, it’s also important for pregnant women to take a prenatal vitamin, which includes nutrients such as iron and folic acid that are incredibly important for women during pregnancy.

Participate in Regular Exercise

Getting up and moving every day is incredibly important for staying healthy. Most healthy pregnant women can benefit from at least 2.5 hours of moderately intense aerobic exercise a week. Just make sure not to overdo it. Make sure to stay hydrated and take breaks when you need to. If you are concerned about exercising during your pregnancy, be sure to talk with our Greenbelt OBGYNs.

Whether this is your first pregnancy and you have questions for our OBGYNs, or you simply need to schedule your first checkup with our team of obstetricians, Capital Women's Care Division 66 is here to provide you and your baby with the care you deserve. To schedule your first pregnancy checkup at our Bowie, Greenbelt, or North Bethesda, MD, location, call (301) 249-4090 today.

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